So I took a year out….now I’m back!!

Well well well!!! Hello there!!! It has been over a year since my last blog post and now I find myself back here and raring to go! I think it is best to start with an explanation of where I have been. Quite simply I have been off and just being me and getting comfortable and adjusted to life with my health issues, both physical health and mental health!

Towards the end of last year I realised that my anxiety was slowly taking over my thoughts and encroaching on my life to such a degree that I needed some help. I came to the point where I was ready to seek help and do what I could to get ‘back on track’. I undertook some counselling and also a wellness course, the wellness course completely changed my life and this year I haven’t had a severe attack of anxiety/panic….the kind where I am on the floor and feel like I can’t breathe!! I now say I LIVE with anxiety and depression rather than I SUFFER, because I have accepted that these conditions are part of my life, I know more about how they work and how I can help myself when I start to ‘wobble’. I will speak more in depth about my mental health and coping strategies etc…in future posts.

So why am I back now?? Well I have missed blogging so much and have toyed with the idea of coming back for a month or so, but then yesterday I attended an amazing event hosted by BBC Radio 5 live called #MUMTAKEOVER I came away feeling so empowered and with the desire to resume blogging and to have a voice once more and so here I am!!

The #MUMTAKEOVER is all about mums and mental health, talking about our experiences and reaching out to others to receive support and also give support. You can find out more about #MUMTAKEOVER HERE

You can also check out my moment in the spotlight where I talk about feeling guilt as a mum at the 28 minute mark in the video HERE 



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