GOPO 12 week challenge – 3 week update

Just over 3 weeks ago I started the GOPO 12 week challenge (check out my earlier post HERE for an intro to the challenge!)  GOPO supplements contain rosehip and vitamin c and are taken to support the health of your joints. I may have been slightly cynical at first to be honest, I suffer so badly with my joints I felt I was beyond help! However, I have been pleasantly surprised and somewhat shocked that they seem to be really helping me.

Over the last fortnight I have noticed a real difference in my joints, they aren’t as painful, they don’t seize up as much. My mobility has definitely been much better than usual and I have been able to use my wheeled walker on some occasions where previously I would have to rely on my mobility scooter. I have also felt I have more energy and have therefore been able to do more with my time. After 2 years with my M.E and Fibromyalgia I have figured out when I need to rest, I focus on planning my schedule according to rest periods etc  and now with the supplements appearing to work for me I am able to get my activity and rest balance just right!

I will update again in another few weeks. For information on the supplements please visit


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