I’m shaving my head! Brave the Shave 2016

Well the title of this post pretty much sums it all up, I am having my head shaved!!! EEEEKKK!!!!! I know many people would feel terrified at the thought of it but I am so excited and can’t wait for the ultimate trim!!

I never have the same haircut twice, each time I sit in the hairdressers chair I request something different from my previous cut. I do not fear the clippers, I have had one side of my head partly shaved, the back shaved, a line shaved into the side of my hairstyle, I have often said to my hairdresser how I would love to have a shaved head.

One day last week I had this idea, ‘I’m going to take part in Brave the Shave‘ I announced to my very supportive mum!! This is a fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support. Macmillan are an amazing organisation, when my nan Mary was battling pancreatic cancer we had an amazing Macmillan nurse called Phil Whelan, he specialised in Pancreatic Cancer and is based at Liverpool Royal Hospital. Phil was a really nice guy, funny, entertaining, supportive and he explained everything in a way that we could understand. For people like Phil to continue the amazing work they do they need MONEY!!! Macmillan needs continuous funds to keep up the amazing work and so fundraising is a huge part of that.

For many people going through treatment for Cancer, hair loss is a common side effect. One that I simply cannot imagine. Having no say in what happens to your hair. We are kinda used to seeing a man with a shaved head, but what about women!!! Can you recall the last time you saw a women with a shaved head? or a women wearing a head wrap?  what were your initial thoughts? did you think ‘cancer’?  or maybe you thought they looked a bit ‘thug’ like with a shaved head? These are all initial responses that after some research I have realised are very common. I have chosen to shave my head, to raise money for Macmillan along the way and then funds can be used by Macmillan to support those experiencing hair loss and changes in their appearance, to support those going through diagnosis and treatment, to provide nurses to be there just like Phil was for my family.

It is 3 years now since my nan passed away after her brave fight with terminal Pancreatic Cancer. If she was here now she would tell me I was crazy, she would probably plead with me to not have my head shaved, saying “ooohhh don’t be so silly!!”. Yes it’s a little crazy,  yes I will probably have people stare at my shaven head, but at the end of the day it is nothing compared to what the millions of cancer patients go through each and every day!!

I will be having my head shaved on Saturday 30th July!! If you are able to sponsor me, every penny counts, it really does, then you can do so at my Brave the Shave page here



5 thoughts on “I’m shaving my head! Brave the Shave 2016

  1. Wow what an amazing thing to do! I don’t think it’s silly at all! I can tell you feel strongly about this, I say go for it 🙂 AMAZING!! Macmillan is a brilliant cause, I wish you the best of luck with your fundraising xx #MMBC


  2. Yes I recall being in a classroom once where a child had a head scarf covering her head. I wondered whether she suffered from the condition or not. As you say being female with no hair surprises people, it makes them question and in turn this will aid fundraising efforts. #mmbc


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