An emotional mummy moment! my ‘baby’ grows up!

It is now just 5 weeks until the summer holidays. I am so excited to have some wonderful adventures with Ethan over the 6 week holiday and to make some fabulous memories! Come September Ethan will be back at school and starting year 2. Over the past week or so I have found myself very weepy at just the thought of him being in year 2. Yes, at the moment I am one very emotional mummy. I must admit that I can shed a tear very easily at sentimental moments, beautiful songs, moving videos etc… and at the moments the tears keep falling when I realise just how quick Ethan is growing up. I’m mummy to a 6 year old….6…..!!!!!!! It really does seem like just a year or so ago since our very first cuddle


I remember when he was just a few hours old, I had him laid in front of me on my bed on the maternity ward and I was telling him that we were going to have so much fun together, he lay there, a little 6lb 13oz bundle, new to the world and the greatest gift I could ever receive.

Fast forward 6 years and I feel the same emotion now than I did when I very first laid my eyes on him. This year he has been very poorly, he developed a condition called ‘pyomyositis’ which is basically an infection in the muscles.  The muscles around his hips were very infected and he was very septic, thanks to a wonderful team at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital he got the treatment he needed and he made a full recovery although for a short spell he was unable to walk and no one could guarantee that he would walk. They were very scary days and I will forever be thankful for the amazing care he received at Alder Hey.  To now see him running around the school yard with his friends, well that makes me very happy!

As we head towards the end of his time in year 1 at school I can’t help but reflect on his time at school so far, he started in the nursery unit there at age 3 and he has grown so much in confidence and in character. I remember him coming home and excitedly telling me he could read the word ‘cat’, nowadays he loves to curl up on his bed and read a Horrid Henry book to himself!  My ‘little baby’ reading a book!!!  Then I realise that although he will forever be ‘my baby’ he isn’t actually a baby any more, he’s a young boy. A boy with his own thoughts, ideas, opinions and dreams. A boy who each day is growing and making me prouder and prouder.

I don’t think anything prepares you for all the emotions you go through as a parent. To see your child growing from a tiny little baby who depends on you for practically everything to a young child who can read and write, it is a wonderful experience. I now realise that when I have a weepy moment over Ethan growing up, it isn’t because time has gone so quickly, it is quite simply because I am so proud of him and that they are also tears of joy because I am so excited of what lies ahead for us in the future.




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