pain pain go away! The 12 week GOPO Challenge

I am 33 years of age but most days, thanks to my chronic health issues, I feel 93! Sitting down is easy, standing up…well that’s a challenge. The aches and pains are something I seem to have just got used to, I take a handful of medication each day to keep me ticking over and to help keep the pain levels at a minimum. Whilst I am thankful that there is medication to help me, I’m not thankful of some of the side effects that I seem to suffer with and for several months now I have been curiously researching more natural alternatives to help with the pain.

I have recently been made aware of GOPO Joint Health Capsules and was intrigued to find out more. These capsules are made from 100% natural rosehip. This rosehip is specially cultivated and contains a high level of “GOPO”- a component which is said to be extremely effective in contributing to the good health of joints and joint tissue.  The capsules are free from yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy and lactose, this is also beneficial for me as I seem to have become intolerant to a lot of dairy products lately. The ingredient list is super short (much shorter than a lot of my pain relief medication!!)  rosehip, vitamin c (sodium ascorbate) and gelatin. The gelatin forms the outer shell of the capsule and can be discarded if you decide to sprinkle the capsule contents over food as opposed to swallowing whole with water.


After reading up on the product I decided to embark on ‘The 12 week GOPO Challenge’, I am interested to see how my body reacts to these  supplements and if there is any positive effects on my joints. This isn’t about necessarily replacingthe medication I take already but it would be great if I could at least reduce the amount that I have to take.

I have now started the challenge and for the first 3-5 weeks the dosage is 3 capsules twice a day. Then after that it goes to a maintenance dose of 2 capsules twice daily. I am just a few days in and so I don’t have anything to report as yet but I will be posting an update here on my blog every 2-3 weeks.

For more information on this product you can visit the website by clicking HERE

Disclosure: I was provided with a 12 week supply of this product in order to take part in the 12 week challenge and to review. I am not being paid to review this product and all views are my own 


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