Our 1st comic-con event!!

Saturday June 4th saw me and Ethan head to our first comic-con event. Ethan is a huge fan of gaming and of characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Batman etc…. and when I saw this event advertised I just knew we had to go, especially as it was only 15 minutes away from where we live.

This event was organised by ‘North West Comic Cons’, you can find their website if you click HERE . The event was organised as a 1 day event, smaller than the Comic-Con they have later in the year, billed as a “cosplay and collectables show” aimed at families, cosplayers and collectors and highly affordable. I think I paid £7 in total for mine and Ethan’s wristbands.


Having never been to an event like this I really had no idea what to expect. As a disabled person would I be ok access wise? Would it keep a 6 year old entertained? As some one who is not into gaming, cosplay etc…. would I find the event interesting?  Well I can now confirm that the event was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!!  Extremely well organised, some of the friendliest people we have ever met, entertaining and a dream come true for Ethan!

The large hall at Robin Park Sports Centre was extremely well laid out, wide aisles perfect for me as I was using my mobility scooter. Rows of stalls selling everything from video games, japanese candy, lego mini figures, clothing, a tombola plus much much more! Ethan, dressed as Thor,  didn’t know who to approach first as there were so many of his favourite characters. Everyone we did approach was so friendly and Ethan loved the amount of high fives he got from his heroes.  The effort that the cosplayers go to is just amazing, such wonderful costumes and to  Ethan they were “the real deal!!”


Ethan decided to buy some lego minifigures and I must say I was so impressed with the selection available. He decided on a dinosaur and a minecraft character and these have now taken pride of place in his bedroom!

We arrived at the event just before 11am and spent an hour there before taking a break and heading around the corner to Pizza Hut for lunch, having such a fun day out really builds up an appetite!!!!! After lunch we headed back to the event and spent another few hours there, Ethan enjoyed meeting more characters and also seeing the cars outside, my personal favourite was the van from “The A-Team”. There was also a unit set up outside that was a reptile road show, you could hold a snake and take photographs, we weren’t brave enough for that though!!

Our experience at this show has definitely given us a thirst for more and getting tickets for the Wigan Comic-Con and the Southport Comic-Con  is definitely on my ‘to-do’ list.

A huge thank you to the organisers of this event and to all those who kindly posed for a photograph with Ethan, we both had a brilliant day and can’t wait to go to our next event!!


Diary of an imperfect mum

8 thoughts on “Our 1st comic-con event!!

  1. yer brilliant day had by all – thing with cos players were all friendly and dont mind having a pictures taken with permission and will chat about our costumes and how it was made also about the franchise we represent. Glad we brightened up your day.

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  2. This Comic-Con event sounds perfect for Super Hero fans, big and small. And it’s fab that Ethan (and yourself) had a good time. It sounds as if a lot of effort was put into the event.



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