A bouncing good time – Review

As I sit here typing Ethan is lay beside me, absolutely exhausted but chatting away about how awesome his day has been. Today we visited Jump Division, a 10,500 feet building that houses over 80 interconnected trampolines.


Jump Division is located on an industrial estate in Pemberton, Wigan. As we approached the building we had no idea just how much fun was to be had once inside.  You can just turn up and pay but there is a limit to how many are in each 1 hour session and so the best thing to do is book online like we did. Our slot was 11am-noon,  for Ethan’s age it is £7.95 (age 6-15) and an additional £1.50 for the the rubber grip socks that must be worn when on the trampolines. Once you have the socks you can take them every visit and I must say they are very good quality.

WP_20160602_10_31_36_ProWP_20160602_10_32_01_Pro (2)

We arrived just after 10.30am, we checked in at the reception area and the member of staff informed us that there would be a safety briefing 10 minutes before the session started and informed us we could wait in the cafe area until then. We made our way upstairs to the cafe. It reminded me of an american diner and it was very clean and tidy and has a hot/cold food menu, drinks and cakes, all very reasonably priced.WP_20160602_10_53_59_Pro

The cafe also serves as a viewing area and I was very comfortable sat there watching Ethan have a ‘bounce-tastic’ time.  At 10.50am there was a safety briefing with the staff and that included a short video that set out the rules of play. Ethan then spent the next hour bouncing away from trampoline to trampoline, playing dodge ball, basketball and having a huge amount of fun jumping into a pit full of foam bricks (that was his favourite part!)  Staff are supervising the area in a similar manner to lifeguards at a pool, ensuring people are bouncing safely and not breaking the rules.

By the time noon arrived Ethan was well and truly all bounced out although I am sure he would have carried on if I had added an extra hour of play!

Jump Division is very clean and tidy and is clearly very well run. All the staff were very pleasant, helpful and very welcoming. It was our first time at one of these trampoline centres and to be honest I have been meaning to take Ethan to try one for a while as it seems their popularity is on the rise with centres now appearing in many towns and cities.

Will we return? you bet we will!!! Ethan had a brilliant time, he felt safe on the trampolines and it really helped his confidence too. Ethan was very poorly in March and April with an infection in his muscles around the hips called pyomyositis, he had to spend time in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and for a time he was unable to walk, so his confidence has been knocked a little bit and at 6 years old that can be a hard thing. There was a time I thought he may never walk again and so to see him bouncing away today was just lovely.

Another fabulous day out creating ‘mummy and Ethan memories’




2 thoughts on “A bouncing good time – Review

  1. Oh I love the look of this. We have one close to us that has just opened and I know my son will love it when the weather turns later on in the week! The socks do look good quality and very well priced. Kids can re-use them for soft play as well.


  2. Aw sounds like he had a blast 🙂
    There are quite a few of these places dotted around now isn’t there, and they prove very popular with the kiddies for sure.
    Fab review.

    Thanks so much for joining in with #MMBC Hope to see you next week x


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